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“This was the best Sunday afternoon I’ve had in a long time!” -- an overheard exclamation by an audience member to one of the cast of The Christmas Express after the show.

“I’ve been in a time of transition, and I don’t know how I would’ve made it this far without the support of everyone [in the cast]! In a difficult time in life I now have The Christmas Express to remember!” – From a cast member

You make these experiences happen! Your support of this ministry makes positive and encouraging experiences possible, and allows all for One to be a light in the lives of those we interact with.

These are the two sides to what we do at all for One. The audience experience and the artist experience. Your support provides artists the opportunity to create and honor God through their talents while experiencing a loving, supportive, Christ-centered community, and the audience gets to enjoy shows that speak faith, hope, and love into their lives.

I love being able to create positive experiences for our audiences and our cast members. Building relationships and being an example of Christian community are both important to me and to all for One. We cherish each moment that we get to uplift and encourage.

This opportunity doesn’t come without a cost, though. We have exceeded the limits of what we can do with our current staff and funding levels. In order to maintain the same level of quality in our Main Stage Productions, grow our educational programming, and create a sustainable organization that can move confidently into the future, we need to increase staff and funding.

That means bigger asks than we’ve ever done before. That means trusting that God will provide the manpower and the resources we need to accomplish His will for afO.

We need to increase our budget from $140,000 to $214,000 in order to accommodate the growth of our staff and programs. This is a huge increase when looked at from our viewpoint, but we know God is faithful and capable of providing if it’s in His plan.

This increase will allow us to focus more resources on our educational programs like our Annual Young Playwrights Festival, a playwriting competition currently in its 15th year, and STAGE: Supporting Theater as a Growth Experience, a theater camp for students in grades 3-5. These programs are important to help train up new writers, actors, and artists in the next generation.

With dedicated staff, our educational efforts can grow, and we can reach even more students, giving them the opportunities to discover and nurture their artistic talents.

If having experiences with faith-driven theater in our community is meaningful for you, please consider a gift to all for One with this information in mind. Also consider the possibility of becoming an ongoing monthly donor to continue your support throughout the year.

If financial support isn’t a possibility right now, your prayers are just as important to us! Please lift these concerns up before the Lord with us. As we look to the future and make our plans, we know that we are in God’s hands.

Thank you for considering how you can support all for One now and in the future.

With deep gratitude,

Stacey Kuster
Executive Director