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Because of you, over 2,000 people get to enjoy entertaining and uplifting community theater, artists of all ages are able to use their gifts to the glory of God, and students throughout our community are able to participate in educational theatrical experiences in the Young Playwrights Festival and STAGE.

Your gift to all for One creates opportunities to fulfill the mission to impact our culture for God through the arts. Our staff has talked a lot lately about not only impacting, but creating culture. By supporting all for One, you are a part of the creation process!

When we mount a show, release a podcast, or hold a workshop, we are creating something that goes out from us and impacts the world in which we live. It might be on a small scale, like the eight students who attended our socially-distanced Young Playwrights Workshop in October, or on a larger scale like our community theater productions which draw thousands a year.

What kind of culture do we want to create? all for One strives to be a place of encouragement, family, and Godly values. We want to be an entity that nurtures the God-given artistic talents of our community to glorify our Creator. As people are now consuming more media than ever, we want to tell stories that communicate Truth while also entertaining and educating. Your support means we are able to keep telling stories that have a deeper purpose and touch hearts.

Whenever we mount a production, it’s all about how we are impacting everyone we encounter in the process and what influence we’re spreading. all for One is about how can we help those who work with us and attend our productions.

--Michael Wilhelm, actor An Inspector Calls, Turtle Soup, Ruth 2, etc.
author Turtle Soup, Bentley, The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems

all for One is such a vital organization to this community because of the power it has to tell impactful, faith-driven stories.

--Emma Bachtel, 2020 Intern

It was therapeutic and filled with purpose -- giving our best creative efforts to glorify the ultimate Creator… [all for One] not only cared about creating quality art, but also about creating meaningful, strong relationships.

--Anna Macke, actor Ruth2

Seeing such passion, care, and trust grow in this group showed me how wonderful all for One is at fostering creative spirits and loving hearts.

--Monica Mercer, stage manager
The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems

We can’t do any of this without you.

If you’re looking for a way to positively impact our culture – then I encourage you to support the creation of God-honoring, entertaining, values-rich theater.

You can play a part in creating the culture you desire in our community as together we impact our culture for God through the arts!

With deep gratitude,

Stacey Kuster
Executive Director